Diverse kleine Shell-/Python-Skripte für den CLI-Alltag. Einige der Skripte sind notwendig, damit meine ZSH-Konfiguration (Zu finden im dotfiles-Repo) funktioniert!

Updated 3 weeks ago

Maltes Startseite

Updated 2 months ago

Projekt für das Modul Betriebssysteme

Updated 3 months ago

A small Python script which periodically tests your internet speed.

Updated 4 months ago

Cheat sheets for https://github.com/cheat/cheat

Updated 4 months ago

A system information tool for Windows XP up to Windows 7

Updated 5 months ago

Arduino sketches made by me

Updated 6 months ago

Bot that retweets friends tweets under certain criteria Migrated from github.com/flyingsheepdevelopment/retweetbot

Updated 8 months ago

A simple proxy server based on the work of Suzuki Hisao and Mitko Haralanov.

Updated 8 months ago

Ultra minimal X11 session with only a single terminal window (like on Windows Server Core)

Updated 8 months ago

A collection of website templates I made over the last years

Updated 11 months ago

Windows Powershell/cmd scripts

Updated 2 years ago

Ein paar kleine Helfer für den Umgang mit elektronischen Schaltungen

Updated 3 years ago

Simple operating system detection method for Python

Updated 4 years ago

A simple personal php script for storing text


Updated 4 years ago

Gabriele Cirulli's famous original 2048, wrapped in a minimal Qt5 desktop application featuring mainly a QWebEngineView

Updated 5 years ago

Utility classes for command line applications

Updated 5 years ago