Diverse kleine Shell-/Python-Skripte für den CLI-Alltag. Einige der Skripte sind notwendig, damit meine ZSH-Konfiguration (Zu finden im dotfiles-Repo) funktioniert!
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Various small scripts (Shell and python)


Language: Python 3

Get the current status of the battery on GNU/Linux notebooks (Currently only Linux Kernel version 2 or 3)


Language: Bourne-Shell

Simple reverse URL shortener based on a HEAD request with curl.


Language: Python 3

A simple DNS resolver for A records (hostname to IP)


Language: Bourne-Shell

Encode a movie on a DVD to an OGG Vorbis+Theora file. No problems with copy protection discovered yet.


Language: Bourne-Shell

Read the main track of a DVD movie into a VOB file (Playable with, e.g. VLC media player), which contains all spoken languages and subtitles present on the DVD.


Language: Python 3

Generates a random and secure password. Length is passed as an argument, default is 8.


Language: Bourne-Shell

Resolves an IPv4 or IPv6 address. It only prints out the IP, nothing else, so it can be used to insert the IP of a host in an editor (getent ahostsv4/getent ahostsv6, which are internally used, print out some information you do not need in most cases).


Language: Python 2

Resolves a custom DNS prefix to a specific IP, and everything else througt the system's default DNS servers.


minidnsserver [suffix] [ip]


minidnsserver dev
# Resolves *.dev to


Language: Python 2

A shell that can only be quitted.

You might use it whenever a user should be able to launch a shell, but not to execute commands.


Language: Bourne-Shell

Launches a MIPS assembler program using MARS IDE on the command line, and processes it with pypp.


Language: Bourne-Shell

Lists all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of eth0 and wlan0.


Language Python 3

A basic perprocessor, e.g. used by mips-run. Supports multi-line macro definitions.


Language: Python 2

Generates a QR code for a text and writes it to a file.


qrcode filename "Text to encode"


Language: Python 2

Generates a screenshot of a website using Firefox, without requiring a running X Server (uses it's own virtual one).